QUADRUM Business City


Most important – the convenience

At the moment Lithuania does not have any other similar business centre considering its structure and size. Therefore, you should try to imagine a real business city in the city, enabling to forget constant detaining routes and allowing to concentrate on the implemention of your aims instead. Yet it is comfortable when everything that business and staff need is right here, in one place.

We have planned a common-use complex of teleconference hall and rooms for special meetings for your convenience. Under your requirement, a spacious main lobby area could be used as a place for any commercial matters.  A necessary item for work – a free Wi-Fi access, which is being planned in common-use areas. Every businessman would value the cocoon-cabins projected in the building of the business centre. They will enable an instant close down in an area isolated from a surrounding noise, and have a telephone conversation privately.

You will be able to deal with work and daily matters without leaving the business office centre. Hairdresser’s, dry cleaner’s, different other shops and restaurants, bars and bistros are planned to be located in the same centre. Administrators, working in every office building should be useful to you as well as attentive concierge, working at the main lobby – everything is considered in order to contribute to effective time planning and organization of your business.
The future office is the place where even walls work for your interest. It is not a metaphor. It is the near future, since we are planning that our first tenants will move in into one of “Quadrum” buildings already in   2016.


To be in the very centre

If you had a map of Vilnius city at the moment and had an opportunity to select any place for your office, how would you choose? You would probably have a strategic and strict attitude towards your neighbours, and attentive views towards the convenience of your employees and guests, wouldn‘t?
Therefore you should consider an office in the centre of the Konstitucijos Avenue. Every fundamental point of the city is effortlessly accessible from here. The office staff  and guests would certainly appreciate this location  as it is easily accessible by public and private transport very important. Moreover, from the top floor you will be able to observe splendid views of the Old Town, banks of the river Neris and hills of Karoliniškės and Šeškinė every day.
So, if there would be a map of Vilnius city in your hands, can you imagine another place to be so inspiring for positive changes as this one?

Planning of offices

Effective flexibility

Do you know that a flexible office planning enables to increase a number of working places?
The interior is being designed to have as few as possible inner walls, columns and other interferences. Every company will have an opportunity to plan its working space in the most effective way here. Moreover, it is easy to transform spaces that have been appropriately designed into an open office plan or, on the contrary, divide them into rooms of different sizes.
So, the word “impossible” is an absolute mismatch with our and, possibly, your future plans.


Effective solutions meet wise people

 – is an international environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. The elements that are being assessed include the stability of the building’s structure, the effect on health, energy-saving, water quality, the use of materials, waste and ground. The assessment of BREEAM as „very good“ would stand for social responsibility and innovative nature of the company for you and your employees, colleagues and partners.
The effective use of energy is secured by harmonious completeness of constructive and technical solutions. Exterior of the buildings will have special solar shades or vertical transparent curtains with automatic regulation. In areas where the amount of people changes during the day, installation of an automatic control of the ventilation system is being planned (sensors automatically turn off ventilation when there are no people in the premises). Expenses for energy will be reduced due to the insulation values of facades resulting in need for less cooling and heating as well as the use of low energy lightning systems and smart automatic control of it. Additionally, geothermal heating will provide approximately 10% of the projects energy need. The green roofs saving the rainwater are being planned as well. In every step we care about effectiveness, however health and well being of people working here are important to us as well. They will certainly appreciate area for bicycles that will be to be equipped in the business centre as well as showers for those who needs to refresh body and mind.
BREEAM – is a visible sign of the company’s social responsibility. It is a choice which illustrates respect for the environment and provides the employees with perfect and healthy working conditions.

Inner Yard

Inspiring space for relaxation

No matter how qualitative and comfortable formal clothes are, sometimes you desire to change them and put on some skiing suit or a wetsuit.
After assessing the solid façade, your sight will always be pleased striking to the inner square. It is green and cozy there. The atmosphere almost invites you to sweep your hand across the surface of the sculpture and to have a seat on the bench. Pleasant, relaxing moments become winds of inspiration.
We are creating the business centre that could make every person working here proud of it.


3-storey underground car park.

General area

27.000 m² Places ~700